Corporate Events:
     Adam is the perfect addition to your private event! Whether you are looking to add a special touch to a birthday, graduation, anniversary, reunion, fundraiser, a just-because, homecoming/going away, holiday party (do you need a another excuse to have a GREAT time?), or you are looking for entertainment for a community event, senior event, open house, memorial service/funeral/life celebration, or any other event, Adam will provide the right music for your occasion! With appropriate appearance (from casual to costume to suit), easy-going personality, and great organization and costumer service, Adam takes your worries away and lets you enjoy your party! With an enormous repertoire of acoustic renditions you won't find from any other solo musician, Adam will bring his family-friendly brand of fun straight to your home or venue! By taking requests and playing extended sets, Adam keeps your guests entertained the whole time! On most occasions, Adam is even asked to stay later and keep the music going! Adam has a few different PA's to choose from, meaning he can accommodate just about any audience or location (even if that means he brings his battery-powered PA to the beach!). In addition to guitar, Adam also plays the same songs on ukulele...which is a great way to accent your tropical-themed event! In the end, your party goes off without a hitch and your friends, family, etc. think you're a genius! Adam carries liability insurance to protect your home or venue and give you peace of mind! Contact Adam today!

Memorial Service, Funeral, Life Celebration: Music has the incredible power to heal and be an anchor for many of life's great memories. Music is also a natural expression of human spirit, and as individuals we each have our own preferences for different genres, performers, instruments, etc. What better way to honor the memory of your loved one than with music! You can customize the music with your loved one's favorite tunes (instrumental or vocal, serious or whimsical), or have Adam play relaxing instrumentals while memories are shared and respects are paid. Often there is a gathering after the formalities, and Adam can perform guitar/vocal music (as relaxed or lively as you desire) for this, as well. Whether at a church, a site, or another venue, Adam provides the perfect soundtrack to life's curtain call.

Private Events:
     With a songbook repertoire of over 1,000 hit songs by 100's of legendary contemporary, country, and classic rock artists, guitarist and vocalist Adam Rice provides variety for your patrons, and takes the all-important requests! Adam is well-known for playing lengthy sets (at least an hour) and taking only a couple of short breaks during an entire evening! That means people will stay in their seats (and order drinks), and you'll get your money's worth from your LIVE entertainment! Adam also has a few different PA set-ups to choose from (if you don't have a house system), so he can fill just about any barroom or restaurant with LIVE music. Having different set-ups means you also have flexibility in where you'd like to have Adam play in your venue (an area as small as 3 feet by 5 feet will suffice). Adam can play loud, soft, or somewhere in-between depending on your needs. All Adam needs from you is a standard electrical outlet! Adam can also provide you with a W9 form if needed and proof of liability insurance. Contact Adam today!
     With over a decade of experience as solo musician, Adam has had the privilege to provide guitar and voice entertainment for many corporate events (from Mom & Pop shops to public trading companies). When Adam arrives at your function, you'll know you have the right guy because he will be on time, have all of the right equipment, and be dressed appropriately (from costume to suit to clambake attire and anything in-between). Regardless of whether he is dealing with an outside planner/coordinator or an in-house employee, Adam is a total professional from beginning to end. Upon request you will be provided with a W9 form and a contract outlining the details and Adam's responsibilities for your event!  Most importantly, Adam is fun! With a repertoire spanning decades of hit music, Adam will play music that is familiar to all of your employees, appealing to all demographics! Depending on the location of your event Adam can provide a battery-powered PA system, use one of his standard PA's, or play acoustically. And if you have announcements to make, don't hesitate to borrow the mic, or have Adam make the announcement for you! Adam carries liability insurance so you and your venue can have added peace of mind! Contact Adam today!